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Filtering units

Universal extraction station UES


The universal filtering station is applied for extraction the dust and gas arising during grinding with portable grinding machines, welding and lock-smith work. The filtering station can work with the extraction fan or with a filtering unit.


The device consist of following elements:

  • work table (supporting grill)
  • housing
  • suction chamber with a drawer
  • adjusting and shut-off damper
  • wiring to light up the working place

The connection ferrule can be fixed on the upper housing-surface, side walls or on the side surface of the suction chamber. The air is removed down through a grate of the suction chamber or upwards through the openings in upper-part of the housing. The air division (upflow extraction and downflow extraction) is controlled by a damper placed in the housing of the suction chamber.

Universal extraction station UES Universal extraction station UES structure
Universal extraction station UES
UES -structure

Technical data

Type Part # Work table
dimensions [in]
Grid opening size [in] Weight [lb] Recommended
volume flow [cfm]
Flow resistance
[in. w.g]
UES 802U30 55 × 28 1.2 × 1.7 397 1414 1.0

NOTE: Placing the order specify the part № and type designation of the given device.