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Industrial Fans

Roof Radial Fans WP-D-UL



First of all, those fans are designed for local ventilation. They are installed outside the buildings (outdoor application), on roof bases or on wall brackets. As they can overcome significant air flow resistances, they are particularly efficient within installations of local exhausts.


The fan consists of a spiral steel housing, motor and a steel hood. The aluminium radial impeller is directly installed at the motor shaft. Impeller blades cross-section reminds the profile of an aeroplane wing, providing low acoustic pressure level. The fan inlet is equipped with a flange to install it on a roof base or on wall bracket. Typical feature of the fan is a silencer fastened at the fan outlet of its spiral housing, directed horizontally. For safety reason, the inlet and outlet
are equipped with a protective grill. It is recommended to install a TK silencer at the fan inlet.


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