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Industrial Fans

Radial roof fans - SMART-UL



SMART-UL fans have been designed for general ventilation of buildings. They are meant for forwarding the dry air of maximum temperature 140 ˚F, and dustiness not exceeding 0,3 g/m³, without viscous, aggressive pollutants or substances that could cause explosion risk. The SMART-UL family of fans, as a series of eight
sizes of motor rates, ranges from 1-4 HP and maximum volume flow 8010 cfm.


SMART-UL series of fans, as unique among the examples on the market, is featured by original construction of bent steel profiles, providing a skeleton of aerodynamic and, at the same, very robust properties. Inside is a motor with a radial impeller of aluminium and steel plate. The impeller is statically and dynamically balanced. The circumferential surface around the lower skeleton constitutes an openwork structure through which the air is discharged. The upper part of the fan is shielded by a plastic hood. The fan has to be mounted on a roof base. It is recommended to apply a sound absorbing roof base type TPD-N or TPDC-N of adequate size adapted to the given fan.

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