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Industrial Fans

Portable Radial Fans WPA-P-UL

Flange fastened fan WP-E


Principally, portable radial fans are meant for use in air-supply- or extraction ventilation systems of rooms and workplaces. They can be applied, both for general ventilation and local exhausts (technological extraction). Additionally, WPA-P-UL fans can be applied for drying the humid rooms by forcing the multiple air exchanges..


The fan consists of a steel spiral housing, a motor and a base framework. Its aluminium radial impeller is directly installed on the motor shaft (direct drive). The cross-section of the impeller blades reminds the profile of an aeroplane wing, providing low acoustic pressure level of the fan. For safety reasons, the inlet and outlet are equipped with protective grill and are adapted for fastening the flexible hoses (by means of hose clamps).

As standard, the fans are equipped with motor starters. Each fan is supplied with a 16 feet-long cable.

Operational Use

In case of local extraction ventilation, it is important to fasten a flexible hose (of appropriate diameter) to the fan inlet. Additionally, the hose must have a suitable suction nozzle attached at its end. Example of application of a magnetic hood is illustrated in a photograph. In case of general ventilation, User ought to supply a hose into the ventilated room, whereby the hose must be connected to the suction ferrule or outlet ferrule of the fan.

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