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Filtering units


MATRIX-1000 is applied for cleaning the air from dry welding dust arising at the mobile workplaces. Maximum temperature of the forwarded
air is +140 ° F. Due to the applied cartridge fi lter with a tefl on membrane, fi ne dusts (even particles smaller than 1,31μA) are captured.
Dusts, accumulating at the fi lter outer surface, are struck down by impulses of compressed air.

MATRIX-1000-1 works with one extraction arm, whereas MATRIX-1000-2 is adapted for connection of two extraction arms. In the second case,
MATRIX should be applied for use at workplaces of small emission, as the volume fl ow of one extraction arm is double reduced.

Filtering unit UFO-1-V


Th e MATRIX-1000 consists of following elements:

  • housing of polyester-glass composite
  • radial fan
  • high-effi ciency cartridge fi lter – polyester, tefl on coated membrane– class H13
  • rotary jets for cartridge fi lter regeneration
  • support – to install the extraction arm, (two supports for MATRIX-1000-2)
  • control unit (version with automatic or manual control)
  • vacuum cleaner – to remove the contamination from the fi ltration chamber

Operational use

MATRIX-1000 units are adapted for installing the extraction arm of diameter 6 in. and 6,5 ft workrange.

It is important to connect the MATRIX-1000 to the external compressed air installation of 87-116 psi pressure. The pressure hose should
have 0,63 in. diameter. In the course of fi lter regeneration the dust (accumulated on the outer fi lter surface) is periodically struck
off by the rotary jets.

In standard version (refers MATRIX-S) – in case of the effi ciency decrease, switch off the fan, open the compressed air valve and slide
upwards and downwards the lance with a rotary jet (the lance is placed in the fi lter cover).

In automatic version (MATRIX-A) – in case of the effi ciency decrease, switch off the fan and in two seconds start it again. The filter
regeneration proceeds automatically.

The struck off dust is accumulating in the lower part of the filtration chamber of volume approx. 0,35 cu. ft . The dust has to be removed
periodically by means of a vacuum cleaner that is enclosed to each device. Before doing so, clasp-off the cover and withdraw the cartridge
fi lter. The vacuum cleaning hose along with accessories is placed in a container underneath the vacuum cleaner. Th e cartridge filter has to be replaced for a new aft er 1 – 2 years of operational use.

Technical data

Device type Part No. Filter
volume fl ow
[in. w.g.]
Acoustic pressure level [dB(A)]
from distance
Quantity of the
connections for ERGO arms
3,3 ft 16,4 ft
MATRIX-1000-1-S 800028 Manual 588 11 120 1.0 66 63.,5 187 1
MATRIX-1000-1-A 800029 Automatic 588 11 120 1.0 66 63.5 187 1
MATRIX-1000-2-S 800030 Manual 588 11 120 1.0 67 65 194 2
MATRIX-1000-2-A 800031 Automatic 588 11 120 1.0 67 65 194 2

1) Volume fl ow has been measured at the clean fi lters.
2) ERGO extraction arms are off ered on separate catalogue cards.


Matrix 1000 Filtering Unit

Flow charts
Flow cahrt Matrix 1000 Filtering Units
Replacable parts

Cartridge filter

Type Part # Weight
Filtering effi ciency
efficiency [%]
Quantity of filters
PTM 085032R 852F82 9.3 H13 99.95 1

Vacuum cleaner

Type Part # Weight [lb.] Remarka
857O23 9.3 The vacuum cleaner serves for removal of the dusts that
accumulated in the container and for cleaning the workplace
WJ-1 851O02 0.2 a single-use waste bag