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Filtering units

Filtering unit UFO-BASIC


The UFO-BASIC is designed for cleaning the air from dust impurities emitted at production processes. It is irreplaceable in capturing the dry dust (without caustic pollutants or substances creating explosive conditions) arising during welding, gas metal cutting and other processes in chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic industry, food production etc. The maximum temperature of the conveyed air is 140 F.


The device consist of:

  • metal housing on castors
  • cartridge filter
  • radial fan
  • motor switch

The polluted air is sucked in (from the place of dust emission) through the extraction arm into the filtering chamber. In the filtering chamber the dust pollutants are depositing on the internal surface of the filter, and heavier particles are falling to the bottom of the filter, from where they should be systematically removed.

Maintenance of the device consist of periodical cleaning the cartridge filter depending on the intensity of use. The filtering unit is adapted to work with an ERGO extraction arm.

Filtering unit UFO-BASIC Filtering unit UFO-BASIC structure
Filtering unit UFO-BASIC
UFO-BASIC structure

Technical data

Type Part # Optimum
volume flow
air pressure
[in. w.g]
Supply [V] Motor rate [HP] Rotations [r.p.m] Weight
UFO-BASIC 704U19 588 1.2 120 1.0 3370 ~198