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Filtering units

Filtering unit UFO-4-M


The UFO-4-M filtering unit is designed for cleaning the dust laden air from contamination arising during manufacturing processes. It is irreplaceable in capturing the dry dust (without caustic pollutants, flammable compounds or of explosive properties) emitted during welding, grinding of the non-sparking materials, gas- or plasma metal cutting or other processes in chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical and plastics industry etc. The maximum temperature of the forwarded air is 140 F.

Filtering unit UFO-4-M


The UFO-4-M filtering unit consists of filtering modules placed vertically one on top of another and the fan-chamber. The lower filtering chamber is installed on a square base-frame with a chute and a waste-container.

  • UFO-4-M-1 consist of one filtering module and a fan-chamber
  • UFO-4-M-2 consist of two filtering modules and a fan-chamber
  • UFO-4-M-3 consist of three filtering modules

Each filtering chamber is divided with a partition into two parts:

  • Chamber of filters – containing 4 cartridge filters
  • Chamber of electro-valves: there is installed a compressed-air tank (supplied from the compressed-air installation of 6 bar), and 4 electro-valves for filter regeneration (by means of the impulses of compressed-air). The filter regeneration is proceeding automatically.

The UFO-4-M filtering unit is equipped with 2 connection ferrules: inlet ferrule and outlet ferrule in each filtering chamber. The inlet ferrule is placed in the side-wall and the outlet ferrule is placed in the upper-surface of the chamber. In the standard execution the inlet ferrule is placed on the right side of the device (when viewing at the inspection door). It is also possible to replace the side-walls in such a way that the inlet ferrule is on the left side of the device.

The fan-chamber (isolated acoustically) contains the radial fan with a motor and it is installed on top of the most upper filtering chamber as a separate module. Together with the device is delivered a control unit as a power supply for the fan and as a control item for the pneumatic filter regeneration system. The control unit is fixed on the left side-wall of the device. The additional equipment (delivered on separate order) is separator – type SEP – adapted by size to the filtering unit.

Filtering unit UFO-4-M-2
filtering unit - ufo-4-m-1
filtering unit - ufo-4-m-2
Filtering unit UFO-4-M-3
filtering unit - ufo-4-m-3

Filtering chamber (with cartridge filters)

Type UFO-4-M-1 UFO-4-M-2 UFO-4-M-3
Part # 804U75 804U76 804U77
Maximum volume flow [cfm] 2900 5800 8800
Flow resistance for the above mentioned volume flow [in. w.g] 6.8 6.8 6.8
Pressure of the compressed-air with the inserted complete
of cartridge filters [bar]
6 6 6
Weight [lb] 853 1433 2013
Quantity of cartridge filters [pc] 4 8 12
Total filtering surface [sq. ft] 861 1722 2583
Inlet ferrule [in] 1 × Ø 20" 2 × Ø 20" 3 × Ø 20"
Outlet ferrule [in] 1 × Ø 16" 1 × Ø 16" 1 × Ø 20"
Capacity of the waste-container [gal] 19 19 19

CAUTION: In case of functioning with a separator, it is necessary to order appropriate reducer.


test Type KW-M-1 KW-M-2
Part # 714K20 714K21
Operation point parameters
• volume flow 2900 5800
• flow resistance [cfm] [in. w.g] 12 12
Voltage [V] 3 × 230/460
Motor rate [HP] 8 15
Noise level [dB(A)] 75
Outlet ferrule [in] Ø 16" Ø 20"
Weight [lb] 509 520
Remarks To be installed
on UFO-4-M-1
To be installed
on UFO-4-M-2

*For any advice regarding the selection of the fan for the UFO-4-M-3 filtering unit please contact C.T.W. KLIMAWENT USA.

Selection of elements

Specification Type Part #
Filtering unit with filters, fan-chamber and control unit UFO-4-M-1 704U20
UFO-4-M-2 704U21
Filtering unit with filters, without fanchamber and electrical unit UFO-4-M-3 704U22

Cartridge filters

Filtering unit - cartridge filters Type Part # Filtering area
[sq. ft]
Material Filtering efficiency Recomm.
[in. w.g]
PT-20-T 838F29 215 tefloncoated
99,5 % 735 for the welding and other processes 5.6
  • welding dust,
    dry dust:
    detergent, cements, pharmaceutics,
    food-industry dust,
  • water- and
367 for the plasma


Filtering unit - separators Type SEP-4-M-1 SEP-4-M-2
Part # 800S10 800S11
Height of the separator [in]
- without the inlet ferrule
- with the inlet ferrule
Flow resistance for the rated efficiency [in. w.g] 0.8 0.8
Inlet ferrule [in] Ø 12" Ø 16"
Outlet ferrule [in] 1 × Ø 16" 2 × Ø 16"
Weight [lb] 243 320
Capacity of the waste-container [gal] 19 19
Separator SEP-4-M-1 Separator - SEP-4-M-1
separator - sep-4-m-1
separator - sep-4-m-2