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Filtering units

Filtering Unit RAK


As a basic appliance, RAK fi ltering unit has been developed for cleaning the air from welding fumes, arising at mobile or stationary
workplaces. It is designed for intermittent use at welding stations of not signifi cant emission of welding dust. Th e device is effi cient
in capturing both, the dry, as well as viscous dusts, that arise during welding the oil-laden steel sheet and while using the anti-spattering
liquids in large amounts. Each device features four-step fi ltration system pre-fi lter, fi ltering pad, compact fi lter and carbon fi lter,
absorbing the part of gaseous contamination. At the moment the fi lters reach the limit pollution degree, replace them for new – they
cannot be submit to regeneration.

Filtering unit RAK-2-M mobile version Filtering unit RAK-2-H stationary hanging version
RAK-1000 -
adapted for installing of one extraction arm
adapted for installing of two extraction arms



RAK consists of subsequent elements:

  • housing of steel sheet,
  • radial fan,
  • pre-fi lter – wire mesh of 0,8x0,01” holes,
  • fi ltering pad – class G-3,
  • compact fi lter – class F-9,
  • spunbond fi lter impregnated with active carbon,
  • control unit,
  • hour-meter – to measure the work time,
  • pressure control (pressostat),
  • castor assembly for the mobile version, or a set of brackets for the wall mounted version.

Operational Use

RAK-type fi ltering unit is adapted to install castor wheels (mobile version) or wall brackets (stationary version). Both, mobile- and
stationary version can work with extraction arms of work-range 2 or 3 metres.

The RAK series of units are of two sizes:

  • RAK-1000 - adapted for installing of one extraction arm
  • RAK-2000 - adapted for installing of two extraction arms

Air outlet of the RAK fi ltering unit is carried out in two ways: version RAK-R – the air is fully recirculated and redirected back to the
process room, whereas in version RAK-O, there is an outlet ferrule providing connection to the discharge extraction ductwork, removing
the air outside. For convenience of the operator, the connection ferrule can be fastened on the right or left side of the device.
Th e device is switched on through a control unit. Th e pressure control indicates by the signalling lamp the replacement necessity of
the compact fi lter.

Periodical maintenance of the fi lter consists in:

  • periodical cleaning the pre-fi lter of wire-mesh,
  • periodical replacement of the fi ltering pad and the carbon spunbond,
  • periodical replacement of the compact filter


PDF - Catalog Filtering Unit RAK