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Filtering units

Filtering paint station FPS


Filtering pain stations FPS are applied for capturing the mist arising during spray painting of various small elements.

FPS-1 with work table UWT Filtering paint station - FPS-2
Filtering paint station - FPS-1 with work table UWT
Filtering paint station - FPS-2


The FPS filtering paint station is one-segment structure, whereas FPS-2 consists of 2 filtering segments. Each wall segment is equipped with replaceable filtering cartridge, assuring labyrinthine air circulation. Paint particles are depositing on this filter (efficiency ca 50 %). Behind the labyrinth filter are placed 3 needle-cloth filters (parallel locations). Here is proceeding the second filtering stage – assuring filtering efficiency: up to 90 %.

Each segment of the filtering paint station is equipped with a ferrule for fan connection (standard position – on the right side wall). It is very easy to detach the ferrule and fix it on the other side wall on the upper segment surface. All walls have 2 swinging side casings and 1 upper casing.

The FPS-1 filtering station can be installed on the UWT work table equipped with grate and a rotary disk. So the universal filtering station consists of the work table and filtering paint station assembled together. Filtering paint stations ought to be connected with the explosion-proof fans of flow capacity minimum 1800 cfm for each segment.

Filtering paint station FPS structure

Filtering paint stations and universal work table

Type Part # Recommended air flow [cfm] Flow resistance [in. w.g] Weight [lb]
FPS-1 814S02 214 1.4 214
FPS-2 814S04 403 1.4 404
UWT 814S00 353 1.4 353

Replaceable filters

Sort of filter Type Part # Quantity
Filtering paint station - filter filtering cassette
(inclusive with needled-cloth)
KF 838K01 3 pcs – FPS-1
6 pcs – FPS-2
Filtering paint station FPS - needled-cloth filter replaceable filtering needled-cloth
(for the above mentioned cassette)
WF 838W20 3 pcs – FPS-1
6 pcs – FPS-2
Filtering paint station FPS - labyrinth filter labyrinth filter PL 838F25 1 pcs – FPS-1
2 pcs – FPS-2


The filtering paint station should be connected with fan, which serves for one device extraction, or to the main collecting ventilation system operated by one central fan. The fans should be in explosion-proof execution. Assuming that the air is removed outside (is not recirculated), it is especially recommended to use a roof fan. Choosing the fan, please refer to catalogue FANS.

NOTE: Placing the order specify the part № and type designation of the given device.