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ExtrAction Arms

ERGO Extraction Arms



ERGO-FLEX extraction arms are designed for dust and welding fume extraction, as well as for capturing other fine dust particles. The pollutants are captured directly at the emission source, avoiding their expansion within the room and inhaling by people. The arms are manufactured in a hanging or standing version. The extraction arm can work independently, with a single extraction fan or in a group of local exhausts, connected to the main collecting ductwork with a central fan.

ERGO-FLEX extraction arms  
ERGO-FLEX extraction arm - hanging version


The extraction arm consists of following assemblies:

  • swivel
  • hood with a shut-off damper
  • hose – sleeved onto the supporting structure of aluminium profiles
  • tension spring – to hold the extraction arm in balance

For installing the arm on the wall or column serves a wall bracket, where additionally can be fastened a suitable fan or connectionferrule.

Adequately adjusted frictional joints (along with a spring) provide proper manoeuvring with the arm and it is easy to change its functional position. The hood can be equipped with a halogen spotlight to light up the workfield.

The ERGO-Flex extraction arm is manufactured in a nominal diameter 160 mm.

Recommended volume flow is 1000m³/h.

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