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ExtrAction Arms

ERGO/KOS-AL Extraction Arms



ERGO/KOS-AL extraction system has been developed for capturing the welding fumes at the mobile welding stations, for welding
straight-shaped elements – of length from several metres up to several-teens metres.

The assembly can be operated by one or two extraction fans, depending on the quantity of applied ERGO extraction arms (one ERGO arm
is cooperating with one fan).



The ERGO/KOS-AL extraction system consists of subsequent assemblies:

  • self-tightening suction duct – type KOS-AL (of aluminium segments of length 6,5 ft or 13,1 ft – joined together into a requested duct length),
  • trolley – displacing along the duct,
  • extraction arm ERGO or ERGO Flex – suspended underneath the trolley,
  • fitting pieces and supporting elements – according to the arrangement below.

Operational use

During the welding the operator moves the ERGO extraction arm with the trolley along the duct. Th e suction hood of the arm ought to be adjusted in a distance ca. 11,8 in. from the welding point. Low movement resistances of the trolley and easy adjustment of the hood
provides perfect manoeuvring of the whole system.

Aft er the completed work at one welding post, close the shut-off damper (placed at the hood) to improve the suction volume in the second extraction arm.

Two extraction arms can be installed at one suction duct simultaneously.

Technical data

Self-tightening duct.

Type Part No. Segment length
[ft ]
Unit weight
[lb/ft ]
KOS-AL 804K08 804K08 804K08 804K08


Type Part No. Weight
OP-ERGO-L 851W10 19,8

Extraction arms ERGO and ERGO Flex.

Type Part No. Weight
ERGO-L/Z-2 811R54 35,7 Detailed dimensions of the extraction arms ERGO and ERGO Flex are listed on separate cards.
ERGO-L/Z-3 811R55 40,3
ERGO-Flex-2 811R82 13,2
ERGO-Flex-3 811R83 17,6

Connection ferrule

Sort of the ferrule Type Part.No Diameter [in.] Remarks
for axial connection KPC 804K08 6,3 To connect the discharge ductwork.

Duct hanger

Sort of the ferrule Type Part.No Remarks
for ceiling mounting Z 804K29 6,3
for wall mounting Z 804K27

Terminal stopper

Type Part.No Remarks
STK 804K30 To stop the movement of the trolley at the duct end.

Duct segment connector

Type Part.No
KSG 804K21

Duct closing

Type Part.No Remarks
PZC 804K22 Are installed at the front end of the fi rst segment or at the terminal end of the last segment of the duct.