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Exhaust Extractors

Exhaust extractor SSAK-06


The exhaust extractor SSAK-06 is designed for capturing the exhaust fumes emitted by vehicles of stable stationing place, for example fire-brigade quarters, where absolute readiness for emergency vehicle exit is required. It can be applied for vehicles with side exhaust-pipe or back exhaust-pipe. In case when exhaust pipe termination is placed underneath the vehicle adequate additional pipe-extension is needed.

Capturing The Exhaust Fumes


The extraction system consists of guide-track, extraction trolley with balancer, which is displacing with hose along the track. One end of the hose is connected to a fan or discharge ductwork. The vertical hose-section contains an electromagnet- anchor to attach the suction hose to the magnet-gripper fixed on the car-body. The hose structure contains also wiring to energize the electromagnet. There is a suction funnel fixed at the hose end.

The suction hose is attracted electromagnetically to the gripper fixed on the side-wall or rear part of the car-body. The magnet-gripper should be fixed in a way that enables the suction funnel to be placed right opposite the exhaust pipe – at a very close distance. At the moment, when the vehicle suddenly leaves the garage, the extraction trolley moves along the guide-track. The end of the guide-track is equipped with limit-switches, disconnecting automatically the suction funnel’s electromagnet from the vehicle. The balancing mechanism is lifting the suction hose up to the home position.

In the relay (in the ZE-SSAK unit) you can set deliberately the time-delay, determining the fan-stop time after the moment of vehicle’s departure from the garage.

Application Examples Of The Exhaust Extractor
Application examples of the exhaust extractor

Technical data

Type Part # Length of the
Hose Recomm.
air flow
[in. w.g]
diameter of
the nozzle
Weight **
resistance *
SSAK-06 803O50 19.7 6 21.3 392 900 8 6.7 92.6

* Thermal resistance of the suction funnel is 572 F.
** Weight was measured without the guide-track and fan.

Fan applied with the exhaust extractors SSAK-06

Sort of the
Type Part # Supply
pressure *
[in. w.g]
Noise level **
Flange Fastened Fans WP-E WP-09-E-3 704W02 3 × 230/460 8/8 4.0 2.4 89 99
Roof Fans WP-D WP-09-D-3 704W50 3 × 230/460 8/8 4.0 2.4 78 110

* For 950 cfm.
** From 16.4 feet distance.

The elements for the steering of fan work in the exhaust extractor SSAK-06

  • Control unit ZE-SSAK mounted inside the garage.
    It is a central element of the system. It is composed of the switch which allows steering with the following position:
    0 – steering system is switched off
    SR – manual control
    SA – automatic control
    The manual control SR enables to connect the fan by the switch START. Disconnection comes after the placing switch into position 0. The automatic control SA enables to connect the fan wireless by the activation of the radio-receiver OR-1 woking with the radio-transmitter NR-1Ax mounted in the vehicle’s cab. ZE-SSAK contains the time-relay which enables to set deliberately a time-delay determining the fan-stop time – it is regulated automatically for about 1.5 min.
    Extractor Controller For Exhaust Extractor Type Part # Supply Suitable units
    ZE-SSAK 311Z18 3 × 230/460 WP-09-E; WP-09-D;
    EB-1; OR-1
  • Radio-receiver OR-1.
    Applied for collaboration with the rado-transmitter NR-1Ax. The radio-receiver should be mounted near the electrical unit ZE-SSAK and it is wired with this unit.
    Radio-Receiver OR-1. Type Part # Supply Suitable units
    OR-1 312O01 24 VAC ZE-SSAK; NR-1Ax
  • Radio transmitter NR-1Ax.
    Applied for wireless remote-control of fan functioning from the vehicle’s cab. The fan starts automatically by the running the key in the vehicle’s ignition-switch. After the motor’s diconnection or the vehicle’s departure from the garage the fan stops. The return of the vehicle implies the automatic start of fan.
    Radio Transmitter NR-1Ax. Type Part # Supply Suitable units
    NR-1Ax 312N03 12 VDC
    or 24 VDC
  • Connectin box EB-1.
    Applied for the connection of two exhaust extractors or more with the single electrical unit ZE-SSAK.
    Connection Box EB-1 Type Part # Suitable units
    EB-1 314Z20 ZE-SSAK