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Exhaust Extractors

Exhaust extractor OVER-SSAK


The exhaust extractor OVER-SSAK is designed for capturing the exhaust fumes emitted by vehicles with vertical exhaust pipes. The exhaust extractors are applied in garages for heavy duty vehicles of stable stationing place, for example fire-brigade quarters, where absolute readiness for emergency vehicle exit is required. In this case the vehicle comes back to the garage backside.

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Automobile Exhaust Extraction


The extraction system consists of a guide-track suspended under the ceiling and a trolley (with a hood enclosure) that is displacing along the guide-track. The construction of the hood enclosure assures interception of the vertical exhaust pipe, that shifts the exhaust trolley along the guide beam. The guide beam slides through the cross-beams, giving possibility to adjust itself to the stack cane, positioning in the moment of entering the garage. The on-drive tolerance of the vehicle is 6" left and right from the guide-track axis.

The springs placed in cross beams are providing the parallelism of guide-track slide. The gas spring – fixed at the guide track end – are braking smoothly the movement of the hood enclosure. The hood is equipped with a bumper and magnet gripper that
keeps the hood in the limit position.

The immobile hose termination should be connected to the discharge ductwork. The extraction unit can work both with the roof fan and flange fan (see catalogue card “Electrical accessories”). The extraction fan can be operated manually or by radio using
a radio transmitter.

The diameter of the hose is Ø 6" and the diameter of the vertical exhaust stack cannot exceed 5.2".

OVER-SSAK extraction system applied with the roof fan
Function of the OVER-SSAK extraction system applied with the roof fan

Technical data

Part # 804O90 804O91 804O92 804O93
Recommended volume flow [cfm] 950 950 950 950
Flow resistance [in. w.g] 6.4 7.6 2200 8.8
Length of the guide-track L [ft] 20 30 40 50
Effective range of the suction funnel Lmax [ft] 13.8 21.3 28.5 36.1
Weight [lb] 130 163 196 229.3
Thermal resistance of the hose [F] 392 392 392 392