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ExtrAction Arms

Ergo Teloscopic Arms



TELERGO extraction arms are designed for eff ective extraction of welding dust and gas contamination, as well as other small
dust particles – directly at the emission source, not allowing the contamination to spread in the working area and preventing from
being inhaled by people.

The extraction arms can be applied in any areas where the workspace is limited. Commonly, this is the case in welding schools, where the welding boots are very small.

Th e extraction arm can work as a single appliance, with its own extraction fan, or in a group of local exhausts connected to the main
collecting ductwork (with a central fan).



Th e extraction arm consists of following assemblies:

  • swivel
  • suction hood with a shut-off damper
  • the supporting structure is made of the sliders inside the fl exible hose

Pipe segments are made of stainless steel sheet, whereas the swivel of cast aluminium elements. Th e nominal diameter of the arms is 6’’. The extraction arm is equipped with a frictional joint located near the swivel.

Operational use

To install the extraction arm on a wall (or supporting column) use a wall bracket. Additionally, the wall bracket is an appropriate
installing point for the extraction fan or the connection fi tting piece.

Hood can be tilted in vertical direction and the whole arm can be rotated in 360 degress, providing the most useful position of the
suction hood.

Adequately adjusted frictional joint gives easy manoeuvrability with the arm. Th e suction hood is equipped with a shut-off damper to
adjust the air volume fl ow.


Suction hood

Sort of the hood Material Type Part.No d [inch] D [inch] L [inch] L [inch] Remarks
aluminium sheet LSO-S 810H45 6,7 10,8 4,9 1,4 – replaceable inlet wire-mesh
– shut-off damper

Replaceable inlet wire-mesh

Type Part.No D [inch] Weight [lb]
WOL 834Z33 11,3 0,2

Wall bracket

Sort of bracket Type   Part.No S [inch] Weight [lb]
aluminium sheet sheet WB-ERGO L/S 817W27 10,9 15,4