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Filtering units

Dust separators EGO


EGO-type dust separators are efficient in wood dust extraction from wood processing machines as well as appropriate for removal the impurities formed during other similar technological processes. The dust capture efficiency is up to 99.5 %.

Dust separtor - EGO-4/W Dust separator - EGO-2/N-W
dust separator - Ego--4/W
dust separator - EGO-2/N-W


Dust separator consists of a housing based on a frame with wheels for easy displacement. To the housing (underneath) is installed a motor and the impeller is adapted to transport the polluted air together with the impurities. Underneath the housing is fastened the waste-bag, whereas in the upper part is the fabric bag filter (EGO-2/W and EGO-4/W).

Depending on the needs the separator can be equipped with following hose connectors:

  • connection head with slide dampers
  • T-piece (2 connections)
  • elbow (1 connection)

Instead of the connection head with slide dampers (placed on the housing – as shown above) can be installed a T-piece 2 × Ø 6" or an elbow Ø 8". The T-piece and Elbow are not equipped with a slide damper. Directly on the motor is located a motor protective switch (overload- and short-circuit protection) and a power lead with plug. The integral suction hoods of the processing machines (and other places for dust collection) ought to be joined with a hose to the connections of the EGO dust separator.

Inside the device takes place the separation of the impurities: heavy parts are falling into the waste-bag, smaller particles are accumulating in the upper filter. The cleaned air remains in the room (recirculation) – so the temperature loss is avoided in winter. The lower waste-beg needs emptying when it reaches the “fill-up state”, whereas the upper filters – bag filer or the cartridge filter – are periodically shaken.

Type designations:

  • EGO-2/W and EGO-4/W – dust separators with the fabric bag filter.
  • EGO-2/N-W and EGO-4/N-W – dust separators with the cartridge filter.
Dust separator EGO-2/N-W Dust separator EGO-4/W
Dust separator - ego-2/N-W
Dust separator - ego-4/w

Dimensions [in]

Type L B h H
EGO-2/W 43.0 22.4 41.7 93.1
EGO-4/W 54.4 29.8 41.8 104.8
EGO-2/N-W 41.2 22.4 41.7 62.0
EGO-4/N-W 53.5 29.8 41.8 62.1
Dust separtor EGO - flow chart
dust separator EGo - flow charts

Technical data

Type EGO-2/W EGO-4/W EGO-2/N-W EGO-4/N-W
Part # 760E03 760E02 760E04 760E05
Max. volume flow [cfm] 1700 2300 1850 2500
Max. underpressure [in. w.g] 6.6 8.0 7.4 7.8
Supply [V] 3 × 230/460 3 × 230/460 3 × 230/460 3 × 230/460
Motor rate [HP] 1.5 2.0 1.5 2.0
Quantity and diameter of connections [pcs × in] 2 x 5 2 × 5 & 2 × 6 2 × 5 2 × 5 & 2 × 6
Filtration surface area [sq. ft] 27 54 108 161
Noise level [dB(A)] 83 85 83 85
Weight [lb] 108 176 132 207

* The Part # applies to the EGO dust separator and does not comprise hoses and connection elements.

Connection elements

Sort of connection Type Part # Connection ferrules Designed
Quantity Diameter
Dust collector connection element connection head G-2 800G91 2 5 EGO-2 Each connection can
be equipped with an
appropriate reducer
(see table below)

Dust collector connection element double head

connection head G-4 800G92 2 5 EGO-4
2 6
Dust collector connection element - T-plece T-piece TR-2 800T91 2 5 EGO-2
TR-4 800T92 2 6 EGO-4
  elbow K-2 800K91 1 6 EGO-2
K-4 800K92 1 8 EGO-4


Reducers Type Part #
ZR-200/160 329R09
ZR-200/125 329R08
ZR-160/125 329R07
ZR-160/100 329R05

Hoses – to connect the suction ferrules of the EGO dust separator with the hoods

Dust separtor EGO - hose Type Part # Inner
ST-80 320P01 3 2.0 13 Material: fabric on a steel spiral,
PVC coated, colour black.
ST-100 320P02 4 2.0
ST-125 320P03 5 2.4
ST-160 320P04 6 2.6
PUR/S-83 322P10 3 3 33 Material: strengthened polyurethane
completely covered steel spiral, high
abrasion-resistant, transparent.
PUR/S-102 322P11 4 4
PUR/S-127 322P12 5 5
PUR/S-160 322P13 6 6

Fabric filtering bags

Fabric filtering bags Type Part # Remarks
W-2 338W10 for EGO-2/W
W-4 338W11 for EGO-4/W

Waste bags

Sort Type Part # Remarks
fabric T-1 338W12 for EGO-2
T-4 338W13 for EGO-4
polyethylene P-1 338P10 for EGO-2
P-4 338P11 for EGO-4

Dust collecting slot – used for floor dust-cleaning

Dust collecting slot Type Part # Connection
Slot length
S-100/L 819S01 4 11.8
S-125/L 819S13 5 19.7

Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters Type Part # Remarks
F-1 338F10 for EGO-2/W
F-4 338F11 for EGO-4/W