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Filtering units

Air Filtering Unit - Big 1000


For cleaning the air from dust impurities and optionally for gas contaminations arising during various production processes, is
appropriate the BIG-1000 filtering unit.It is irreplaceable for capturing the dry dust particles emitted during welding and other
processes where fine dust arises. Maximum temperature of the conveyed air should not exceed +140°F. Due to automatically
regenerated cartridge filters with teflon-coated membrane, dust particles, even smaller than 0,4μm are separated on the outer filter
surface. By means of impulses of compressed air the contamination is periodically struck off from the filter surface.

Filtering paint station FPS structure
Mobile BIG-1000


BIG-1000 appliances are manufactured in two versions:
• mobile – with air recirculation,
• stationary – the air is discharged outside of building.


steel sheet housing,
• radial fan,
• spark catcher,
• high-efficiency cartridge filter – teflon-coated polyester paper – class H13,
• pneumatic filter regeneration system – compressed air tank, electromagnetic valves,
• waste container for the accumulated dust (capacity 8 gal),
• control unit – to start the device and control its function,
• a set of castor wheels for the mobile version (stationary version stands on four legs, which have to be screwed to the floor).

Operational use

The BIG-1000 appliance is adapted for installing of extraction arms of workrange 6,5 or 10 ft and 6’’ diameter.
There are two versions at your disposal:

  • Mobile version – the appliance is with a set of castor wheels, the cleaned air is redirected to the process room (full air recirculation),
  • Stationary version – it is equipped with an outlet ferrule for connection to the ductwork to discharge the air outside the building. In case of the stationary version it is admissible to install an extraction arm of workrange 13 ft, under the condition that the legs must be screwed to the floor.

Prior to startup, it is important to connect the device to the external compressed air installation of pressure 87 PSI - 115 PSI. When the
device is started, the automatic filter regeneration system provides continuous work of the fan and automatic periodical filter cleaning
by means of impulses of compressed air – without work interruption.

The filter cleaning grade is controlled by pressostat (pressure control). When the filter is excessively charged with dust (increased flow resistance, drop in efficiency), the yellow signalling lamp will go on.

UrMoreover, the appliance is equipped with a hour-meter to measure the time of operational use of the device.

Maintenance of filters consists in:

• periodical replacement of carbon spunbond filter (every several months),
• periodical replacement of the cartridge filter (every 1 – 2 years).

As option the appliance can be equipped with:

  • Return damper, protecting from emerging the dust outside the device – through the extraction arm suction hood (during the filter
  • Active carbon impregnated spunbond filter – for filtering the gas contamination during the welding processes.

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