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Filtering units

Active air filter AFP


The AFP active air filter is a suitable solution for filtering the air from dust and gas contaminations formed at production processes. It absorbs the vapours of hazardous chemical compounds as: styrene, xylene, toluene, benzene, alcohols, phenol, acetone, petrol, turpentine, acetates, esters, acrylonitrile, chloride derivative, chloroform and other. It is used in different applications as: pharmaceuticals, chemical and plastic industry, food production and similar. Simple use, ergonomic solution and high efficiency in capturing gaseous contaminations as well as vapours of hazardous compounds are its general advantages.

Active air filter AFP with extraction arm Air filter AFP structure
Active filter AFP with extraction arm
Active filter AFP structure


The active air filter consists of:

  • radial fan
  • housing displacing on castors
  • filters:
    a) needled fabric filter
    b) pocket filter
    c) carbon (2 cassettes with activated carbon)
  • control unit
  • hour-meter to measure the work time

The dust pollutants are captured by the needled fabric filter and pocket filter, whereas gases and vapours are absorbed by the carbon filtering layer. The device is equipped with a pressostat indicating the pollution degree state of the dust filters. Absorbtivity of the active filter ranges in 20–30 % of the activated carbon weight. This enables to capture 6.6–11 lbs (AFP-1) and 14–22 lbs of gases (AFP-3) and furthermore it gives approximately 120 or 200 work hours respectively (measured by the hour meter). After these values are exceeded, replace the activated carbon cassette.

Air filter AFP technical data

Technical data

Type Part # Volume
flow [cfm]
Supply [V] Motor rate [HP] Noise level
Dimensions Device weight
A [in] B [in] C [in]
AFP-1 710A08 800 120 1.0 73 23 31 34 198
AFP-3 710A09 1100 120 1.5 75 31 32 43 326

Pocket filter

Pocket filter Type Part # Efficiency (dust filtering) Designed for
FK-25-1 338F12 95 % AFP-1
FK-25-3 338F13 95 % AFP-3

Needled fabric filter

Needled fabric filter Type Part # Efficiency (dust filtering) Designed for
WA-1 838W19 50 % AFP-1
WA-3 838W24 50 % AFP-3

Cassette with activated carbon

Cassette with activated carbon Type Part # Efficiency
(gas filtering)
Weight of the
activated carbon [lb/pc]
Designed for Total weight of
the activated carbon for the device [lb]
KF-W-1 838K02 90 % 16.5 AFP-1 33
KF-W-3 838K03 90 % 35 AFP-3 70.5